means the date on which the Services are to be provided or shall start to be provided by MH;


means the person for MH has agreed to provide the Services in accordance with these Terms;


 means the contract for the provision of the Services including these Terms as appropriate;


 means the payment specified in clause 5 and Schedule;


means the provision of accommodation, function room hire and/or supply of food and beverages and other Services by MH for the Client described in writing by MH and on its website or in its brochure.


The Schedule of deposits and payments and cancellation terms annexed to this Agreement;

“Standard Charges”

means the charges shown in any brochure of MH or other published literature relating to the

Services in force from time to time;


means these terms and conditions.


a group booking comprises of three rooms or more and may also include other contracted services and use of MH’s facilities.


means an event which takes place in one of the Hotel’s private dining rooms or suites.


means a booking in MH Restaurant for lunch or dinner for more than 10 people.